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🔥 Improved usability of the chord section!

Just in time for Christmas 2019 we have some exiting news to share! Usability improvments have been made to the chord section: The chord charts are now responsive, i.e the chord diagrams flow with the page when it is resized. This new feature will also improve the user experience on mobile. The chord diagrams are scalable. This means that when you zoom in a chord you want a better view of, the quality of the image will not degrade.


More Christmas Carols with chords 2018

Today we extended our collection of Christmas songs with chords with five new Christmas Carols. Several of them comes with different chord analysis: easy, intermediate and advanced.

The added carols are:


Site redesigned 2018!

Just in time for Christmas 2018 Lyrics for Christmas got redesigned.

The website is now fully responsive, easier to navigate and even more mobile friendly.


A brand new Christmas story

Lyrics for Christmas proudly presents a brand new Christmas story.

The name of the new tale is Me, Myself and Santa Claus – A Christmas Carol and is written by Balder Hawfinch.

The story is of Swedish origin and the English version is published with exclusive rights here at Lyrics for Christmas.

More Christmas stories and poems.

Christmas song lyrics 2015

Here at we love Christmas songs more than anything else, but although we gladly sing and listen to Christmas songs and carols throughout the year, now is of course our favorite season.


Be sure to bookmark!!!

Be sure to bookmark!

Why? Well, because Google are playing roller coaster with the site in the search results (and yes, that is strange, and no, we don’t have a clue to why it happens).


More Christmas songs with chords

The Christmas songs chords page has expanded!

Some of the chords can be a bit difficult. Therefore chord charts are provided to most of the Christmas songs.

Take the opportunity to learn the fingering of new chords and learn how to play some of our beautiful Christmas songs and carols.


Start to listen to Christmas songs

It’s now less than five months to Christmas eve and it’s time to start to listen to Christmas songs.

That’s crazy, you may say, but it’s not. There are so many wonderful Christmas songs and carols out there and if you’re really want to enjoy as many as possible it’s time!


Christmas song lyrics

This site is all about Christmas song lyrics. We hope you’ll find the lyrics to the Christmas songs you’re looking for.

Gather family and friends and print out the lyrics to The Christmas Song, Silent Night, Jingle bells and other Christmas songs and Carols that you love.

Merry Christmas!

More popular Christmas songs

Lyrics to popular Christmas songs!

Now we added even more popular Christmas songs lyrics to our collection of christmas songs and christmas carols.

It’s less than a month to Christmas day and we hope you’ll find the Christmas lyrics you’re looking for here at

All I Want For Christmas is to sing and sing and sing! 🙂