Christmas Carols

Lyrics and facts about traditional Christmas carols.

What does it mean when a Christmas carol is traditional? Do we know anything about the composers of the carols? Which century was a specific Christmas carol composed? And last but not least, what is the lyrics of the carols?

Here you’ll find the answers to these questions. Just click the desired Christmas carol in the list below to reveal the answers.

But first, don’t you want to know a bit more of the history of Christmas carols? Read on to find out about it!


Brief history of Christmas carols.

  • A Christmas carol is a traditional Christmas song with lyrics that often holds a religious message.
  • The word carol can be derived from a similar french word, carole (some say the Latin carula), describing the phenomenon to dance in a circle. At Christmas the dancing was performed around the Christmas tree.
  • Somewhere along the way the word ‘carol’ became the well known term Christmas carol, which not only describes the dancing, but also the Christmas music and the Christmas lyrics.

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