A brand new Christmas story

Lyrics for Christmas proudly presents a brand new Christmas story.

The name of the new tale is Me, Myself and Santa Claus – A Christmas Carol and is written by Balder Hawfinch.

The story is of Swedish origin and the English version is published with exclusive rights here at Lyrics for Christmas.

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Christmas song lyrics 2015

Here at lyricsforchristmas.com we love Christmas songs more than anything else, but although we gladly sing and listen to Christmas songs and carols throughout the year, now is of course our favorite season.

Christmas songs 2015?

But which Christmas songs should we sing 2015?

That of course depends, but let’s be fair, it’s not the […]

Be sure to bookmark lyricsforchristmas.com!!!

Be sure to bookmark lyricsforchristmas.com!

Why? Well, because Google are playing roller coaster with the site in the search results (and yes, that is strange, and no, we don’t have a clue to why it happens).

What that means is that one day it’s easy to find lyricsforchristmas in the search result, and the next […]